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To Celebrate Mark's attempt at the Triple Crown, which is a a series of 3 back to back Mountain Bike Endurance Races held in one year covering over 3,425 miles across many states from Canada to Mexico!  I created Geronimo! Organic Pain Cream, but never imagined he would continue mile after mile...all on a mountain bike?!!! So in honor to Mark's adventures and success we are offering $5 shipping all summer and hope to see some of the many friends we have made over the years...Thank you for all of your well wishes and support!

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EXCITING NEWS!!!   Fall River Botanicals (Geronimo! Pain Cream)  Co-Owner Mark Caminiti will be racing in the Tour Divide mountain bike race on June 13th starting in Banff, AB.

The Race is 2750 miles on the Great Divide Mountain BIke Route, from Canada to Mexico. Mark is attempting the triple crown of bikepacking, which consists of the Arizona Trail Race 750, the Tour Divide and the Colorado Trail Race. He completed the AZT750 in April and is looking to knock off the second leg of the Triple Crown, in his 1st  Tour Divide attempt.

Mark is riding his 9th straight race and has finished 8 in a row.  He had his best effort in the last race, finishing 5th in the AZT750 in 11 days 16 hours, his 4th finish.

MORE NEWS!!!!  Mark is now sponsored by A Culture Of Speed bike shop in Idaho Springs and Evergreen/Bergen Park. Santiago Garcia from the Idaho Springs COS shop was incredibly helpful and went beyond the call of duty in assisting Mark in preparation for the Tour Divide...Thanks Santiago!!! Mark will be wearing the COS colors at the start line. But even cooler than that he will be riding an incredibly light carbon fiber bike (Scott).  Which will make this race really interesting since he has lugged around a super heavy bike during the past  races.  I figure if he rode a super heavy bike across Arizona in the AZT-750, which for those that aren't familar includes portage of the bike and gear down and out of the Grand Canyon to the Utah border....he should be able pull off something pretty amazing with the lighter bike. 

Try New Things, Dream Big, Do What You Love, Life is Short so Make Every Moment Count.... Leila 

  ACOS has two full service shops and has a gravity racing team. Mark is riding the Scott Spark 900SL, which is Scott's top level racing bicycle. With gear it weighs 32.5 lbs no food or water.

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Follow the race on your computer or phone.  follow online with real time data. thread about the race phone website for simple tracker- easier to follow

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Leila Duran, Fall River Botanicals herbalist has specifically developed the Fall River Botanicals line of Aromatherapeutic products to focus on the connection between the body and mind, understanding that a healthy mind and healthy body are essential for overall wellness. The result is high-quality bath and body care products made with love and only the purest organic essential oils each with beneficial effects on your body, mind & spirit!

Fall River Botanicals selects only the best of the best natural ingredients native to the U.S. and from around the world for our handcrafted products.  We want you to know that we are committed to supporting the environment and the small farmer by supporting fair trade and ethically harvested plants, herbs, flowers. 



Your skin is the body's largest organ, and it works together with the kidneys to rid the body of toxins. However, your skin needs to be able to breathe to perform these functions. Mineral oils coat the skin like plastic wrap, disrupting the skin's natural immune barrier and inhibiting its ability to breathe and absorb the natural moisture factor (moisture and nutrition). In addition, mineral oil attracts needed moisture from cells deep inside your skin. This means that cell renewal is slowed, collagen breaks down and the connective tissue is destroyed. Normal cell development is slowed down and the skin ages prematurely when skin cells are robbed of moisture. There are other serious health concerns connected to mineral oil and other chemicals used in commercial skin care preparations.   Applying these chemicals to your skin repeatedly can cause  negative effects to the body and its organs.  


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